May 06, 2016

How to Be The Sexiest, Most Captivating Woman He Has Ever Met

Did I tell you about the time I went skydiving?
It was one of the craziest things I've ever done. However, I have to say it is not the only adventurous thing I've experienced in my lifetime. So far,I've been out in the wilderness on weekend trips, climbed mountains on hikes, visited 3 other countries,watched beautiful beach sun-sets and sun rises. WOW...when I stop and really think about it I've had some pretty cool opportunities in life to explore the world around me.

That's what I want to talk to you about...

If you're waiting for Mr. Right to join you before you embark upon your dream trip or something you've always wanted to do, DON'T! You are actually doing yourself a disservice now. There are so many exciting and wonderful adventures to experience, so many new, interesting and exciting people to meet, so much more of life to live.
Often times, I have heard single woman say things like, "when I get married" or "when I get with my man", I'm going to do this or do that. Why can't you do it now? Why do you have to wait?

O.K. granted, there are some things that will have a different "feel" explored by you and your Mr. Heartthrob but for now, recognize and appreciate the loving experiences that currently await you. Remember, the moral of the whole story is to love who first?, YOU. It's all about you feeling good about yourself, you being confident in yourself, you liking who you are. I'm sure there may be many of you who are not "waiting" to do things you've always wanted, and to you I say "You Go Girl!" but for others of you who are holding back I ask, "What are you waiting for?".

> Start accepting those invites for excursions you've never experienced.
If you don't want to go alone, plan to go (wherever) with a friend.
> Get pass your "self" talk and sign up for that event or activity
(you'll most likely meet some great people).

My whole point is to LIVE, LOVE, AND BE HAPPY NOW!

Oh and by the way, you've got to go skydiving. I won't do it again but it's worth a first time adventure. My next stop is para sailing (there's more of a gliding experience instead of a death drop).
Your life exploits will make for some pretty exciting story telling times with your Mr. Honey man. "Honey, did I ever tell you about the time when I...?

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