June 16, 2015

Feeding Your Spirit- Marraige Proposal Video Series Countdown- Your Best Pick

You  know how I feel about love and my passion for the real thing. I desire more than anything for you and every single woman in the world who wants to be in a genuine loving relationship with the right man, bask in that experience. In fact, I believe the perfect plan was designed exactly that way and for exactly that purpose.

Love was not meant to be difficult and hurtful, we, yes we, have made it that way. And at some point we, meaning men and women  have to take responsibility for our part in the relationships we've had. Relationships that have caused so much pain, confusion and misrepresentation of the real thing. Relationships that may have diminished your hope of ever meeting Mr. Right and experiencing true love.

In reality, love was made for you. I want to make sure you constantly have that awareness to reflect on when life or those gremlins inside tell you otherwise.

I'm  posting 3 video's, I hand selected to encourage your soul and feed your spirit..starting with video #3 in the countdown. Comment on each one and vote the video you liked best. The point is... if it happened for these single sista's, it will happen for you.
Enjoy! & don't forget to share the love with your friends. Get them involved, they are welcome to vote as well. Stay tuned for video #3 in our "Hello, I'm Mr. Right" Marriage Proposal-Your Best Pick Countdown

Much Love,


P.S.  Prepare to do a lot of crying, I did.


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