March 11, 2015

First Date, Sex or No Sex? 3 Ways To Help You Make The Right Decision

How do you know when it's time to give up the goods? Intimacy, is a beautiful thing but can it get in the way of making a real love connection on the first date? Yes it can.    [Read on]

You or he might not think there's anything wrong with a little lovin to end the evening, but what if I told you your love future would look a whole lot brighter if you held off on moving to the bedroom.


Because in a new relationship sex confuses things. 

Look at it this way...
Moving too fast past crucial beginnings in a relationship and into intimacy will ultimately cause problems in the long run.

Let's say... you start to find out that there are certain things you don't like about your new bo. Stuff that you just cannot get past. Maybe he starts to show signs of "control issues" or his table manners are a complete turn off. He might even have habits that get on your nerves like, digging in his nose and wiping it on his pants. Overall, there is something that bugs you but the sex is mind-blowing.     

As bearable or insignificant as these may seem, over-looking any concern you might have just to meet your physical needs will not benefit you in the long run. When it comes to successfully making a real love connection keep in mind, YOU are the prize. You deserve the whole package, not a one night stand or an occasional drive by. You deserve love on the highest level.

That's why sex on the first date is diffidently a "no-no"

So what's a girl to do...when you are really attracted to him and he's attracted to you 

Here's my love advice...

     1. Decide if it's really your heart speaking "Attraction" or your... Body (there is a difference)

It's easy to mistake physical attraction for the real thing, espeacally if it's the first date. If you are looking to make a real love connection, the first date is not the time to jump into the sack.
 Give yourself a chance to really check him out.    

     2. Jumping into things too fast says a lot about you.

Give yourself time to really get to know him without the distraction of bringing intimacy into the   picture. Honestly, men become hesitant, lose respect and file women who move too fast on the first date into the "not to be taken seriously" category.

    3. Avoid setting yourself up for "heart" failure.

One of the ugly facts about choosing to be intimate on the first date is that he may decide he doesn't want to see you again (or you him). Either way, staying chase... you will be able to save face and your heart.   

   And finally, I'll add this one for good measure...

   4. Don't allow your date to pressure or persuade you into doing something you are not ready for 

No matter how sexy, cute, or swag-a-licous he may be, maintain your composer. This is only the first date. Discipline, discipline, discipline is the key to the love you deserve. He'll respect you and you'll respect yourself  in the morning.

Comments? Go ahead, leave them here. I'd love to hear what you're thinking 

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