December 07, 2013

Believe It...True LOVE Is Possible for You Too! Surprise Marraige Proposal Videos

Sometimes it's hard to imagine love actually happening. Not to mention it's been awhile since you have been in a relationship. It feels like it's happening for everybody else and not you. Ever feel that way? So, what's a girl to do?        

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KEEP BELIEVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Never give up hope.

You have to make sure you always keep in full view your end desires, a visual. So, I've decided to feature a few marriage proposal videos from time to time to help feed and inspire your hearts desire.

Oh and one more thing, as you share these happy moments with these couples remember... there is nothing  special about the woman, nothing that separates her from you, nothing that says she deserves this more than you do. Love has no barriers, it can happen at any time.

Enjoy. Leave your comments and let me know if you are encouraged and would like to see more videos
(Don't forget to grab your tissue box)

Tons of Love & Blessings,

Side note- The commercial is pretty funny.

The Heart Bandits did a great job of setting the ambiance for this intimate surprise.
 Check em out at The 

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