November 27, 2013

Why You And Mr. Right Will Never Make A Love Connection-How To Fix It And Win

You may have heard it said, "a little love goes a long way?"

It does.

Just think about all the ways love presents itself... a kind word, a gentle touch, a warm hug, a meaningful gesture, spending time with who you may call an unlovable person. Yes, that's all part of love,and here's the sweet part, you can count on love to always show up somewhere, somehow good days or bad, happy or will still be there.

In fact, Love will never go away. Why? you ask. Well I believe this is the one element that continues to breathe life into life, God designed it that way. Relationships come and relationships go but there is only one thing that remains sure and that's... unchanging LOVE.

Sometimes we allow our hearts to be deceived by an imposter that resembles love.

Yet, Love is a powerful force
It will seek, search and find you. No matter what. There is no distance in the world  that can keep you from love.

So with all this love floating around, you might ask why you are not getting any of it.Why do you keep  ending up on the short end of it all...meeting the wrong men and bad relationships? Your answer lies in your choices.You may feel he should be blamed for the drama you have experienced.  The truth is, he was only part of the picture you are the other half. The truth is, you get to decide. Sounds like that would be easy enough, right?

Here are 2 mistakes you are making right now to prevent your love success...
#1. You lack conscious decision making skills. No that's not an insult, it's a fact. Proof says, you are an intelligent woman who knows exactly what you want when it comes to love right, so why is finding Mr. Right  like looking for a needle in a hay stack.
You might even feel like all the good men are taken and the only ones left are jerks.

Believe me, I understand how that could be a valid perception. However,
DID YOU KNOW? possess an amazing inner ability to draw the right man to you, automatically. 
#2. You are not aware of your natural God given you, so when it comes right down to it, you are the only one preventing yourself from making a genuine love connection and experiencing the joy and happiness you deserve.

The way I see it,  having something and not knowing it is one thing, having something and not allowing yourself to benefit from it is just a waste. Look at it this way... you are causing him to miss out simply because you are not in alignment with where you are suppose to be
 (bet you never thought about it like that ) 
So if you want to know how to turn everything around, avoid these mistakes(plus the ones I did not mention) for a real love connection...effortlessly Let's Do This!