August 26, 2013

Why Do You Keep Doing This To Yourself?

Don't you think it's odd how we repeat situations that could potentially bring great pain? Just the other day I was watching one of those television programs where people where jumping off cliffs, driving down steep mountains sides and a bunch of other crazy things. O.K. so I get it...these are thrill-seekers. And believe it or not, we all have some form of a thrill-seeker inside.
 It may not be that you get excited about the things I have mentioned but, I'm sure you can be pretty adventurous in your own right. The closest I have ever come to an adventure that would represent anything like this, was my sky-diving experience and even then I was able to determine quickly that that was not my cup-of-tea.

However, when it comes to matters of the heart I don't suggest pulling out your thrill-seekers t-shirt.
Love should not be listed in the adventurous category. Yes, we have had those experiences we wish would have never happened. But, if you were to look at your relationship bloopers from a different perspective you would find their true purpose was to make you wiser and stronger...a more beautiful walking, talking, breathing bomb shell.

If you are not in that place of understanding and you find yourself making relationship choices that continue to leave you unfulfilled, It's time to ask, "Why do I keep doing this to myself?"


First, it's not your fault so, don't be too hard on yourself.  You cannot change what you don't know. 
And in this case, you honestly don't know why you keep putting yourself and your heart at risk for disaster.To make matters more confusing, all you really want is love.

The solution is one word, one word that will change your life forever, it's...


You see, until this very moment you have been laser focused on love, and that's o.k. but, what has been missing is your ability to be focused consciously. That's focused and conscious at the same time.

You know what you want, right?

Why not step back and shift your energies to be more aware (conscious) of your relationship choices versus putting so much energy into the outcome... your desire be loved.

This one change in your mindset will cause you to be more selective in your choices and who is choosing you.

Remember, no matter how you may feel right now, this is not a race. Relax. You don't have to "hurry-up" and "hook-up" especially if your desire is true love. Move forward consciously.

Of course if you are ready to get off that emotional roller-coaster to experience the love you deserve. Be sure to request a NO COST "Mr. Right" Session with me so I can help you jump-start your true love success.

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