August 08, 2013

Dreams Do Come True!-Pretty Woman Video

from 1990 movie with Richard Gere as Edward Lewis and Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward

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Edward Lewis: Princess Vivian, come down! Edward Lewis: It had to be the top floor, right? Vivian Ward: It's the best! Edward Lewis: All right. I'm coming up. So what happened after he climbed up the tower and rescued her? Vivian Ward: She rescues him right back.

Awww Love. If you have not figured it out by now, I am a "movie buff". There is nothing like good food, good company and a great movie. Of course, I am a firm believer that you have to guard your heart by being mindful of the movies you watch. You can't feed your soul just anything and expect to feel good afterwards. This movie (Pretty Woman) is one of my favorites. In my book, it's got all the elements of a great love story; inspiration, determination, taking a stand for your heart, and so much more.

For those of you who have not seen this movie,  it would be well worth your time to pop some corn, sit back, relax and yourself or with a sista girl.

You may be able to find it on HULU or Netflex, check it out.

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