November 09, 2015

How To Avoid The #1 Turn-Off For Your Ideal Man - Relationship Baggage

You may have heard me say it before but, it is worth it's weight in gold to hear it as many times as you need to, for a reality check. No one wants to be the recipient of emotional trauma carried over from a previous relationship.
I don't care how you put it, baggage is baggage. It does not matter...a little baggage or a lot, it is all the same.
Just to be clear about what Relationship Baggage means I will address it this way...

Every relationship you have ever been in has had some type of affect on you in one way or another. You can either take away a good experience or bad experience from the relationship.Whether, it was verbal abuse, an attack on your self-esteem, mental abuse or even physical abuse, maybe your trust was violated, the list could go on. The bad experiences are the ones I am referring to in this article.  All in all you had some type of negative encounter.

These negative encounters form baggage and overtime, if not addressed, will pile up into layers of emotional mess that leave you recognized only as "damaged goods".

The interesting part is...

Relationship Baggage can easily be avoided yet, you could be overlooking the opportunity to eliminate the baggage all together.  The result is that, you continue to add to your own dismay which prevents you from making a real love connection. Honestly, could you blame anyone for not wanting to commit to a relationship with you if you continue to relive past relationship drama? That would be a pretty big pill to swallow even for your soul mate.

However, it is easy to miss your window of opportunity to avoid this deal breaker known as Relationship Baggage. In fact, women do it all the time, then wonder why their relationships are not working out or why they continue to attract the wrong men in the first place. Unfortunately, women were not taught to consciously seek out these opportunities, the focus has been to, get the man and do your best to  make the next relationship work.

Approaching what you want from that standpoint is NEVER a good choice. You are the one who suffers the most and you are the one who ends up unfulfilled and broken-hearted in the long run.

So, what is your window of opportunity?

It is that space in time conveniently provided every time you end a relationship, before starting another. It is right there in that moment or season of time where life-changing difference is made. This is where you make a decision to move forward with true love success or experience more of the same bad relationships.

Taking advantage of your window of opportunity gives you time to;

Regroup and re-gain your self purpose and direction. You allow yourself time to reflect and take ownership of your contribution to the previous relationship while releasing what needs to go to the other person. These are only a few of the benefits you receive from taking advantage of your window of opportunity, there is so much more.

Utilizing this time not only takes you to the next level in love but, positions you for your ideal mate by  fulfilling the deepest part of your soul where you resonate with his heart.   

You can continue to allow Relationship Baggage to sabotage your true love success, or you can decide enough is enough and start experiencing the joy and happiness you deserve. 
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