July 22, 2013

5 Things Men Want Women To Know About Chivalry... Is It Old Fashion?

We live in such a modern time. With all the conveniences of technology it appears we have everything we need at our finger tips. I mean, there's push this button here and touch that screen there. Oh and don't forget option number ? to take you back to the main menu.

What ever happened to talking to a live person?
Then of course there's Judy, the automated personal touch who knows just about everything, right?

But, do we really need another Judy or Tom or option? Don't misunderstand I totally "get it" we need these techno savvy conveniences to move us forward to continue to benefit greatly. 

Yet, there are some things that cannot nor should not be replaced. Take for instance Chivalry, you know those kind gestures like opening a car door or pulling out your chair at dinner, letting you go first after he opens the door or accepting a mans hand for assistance up or down the stairs. The list goes on. What happened? Is Chivalry outdated?

Here's a brief list of responses I get from men.

5 Things Men want you to know about Chivalry:
#1.     He's not a wimp, a chump, or a weak man if he shows you kind gestures
#2.     Don't think he wants anything else from you because he doesn't
#3.     Consider he was taught to be a gentlemen
#4.     It's not old fashioned, they actually enjoy treating women like a lady
#5.     Some men find it offensive that you don't allow them to operate in their role

Back-in-the-day women expected men to automatically play in this role. Today, women don't know how to appreciate the brotha for his kind gestures. I'm all for women's independence I mean, with all the accomplishments women have made over the years to make our lives better, why shouldn't we take a stand. Besides, you worked hard to climb the corporate latter and stand side by side with the men in your company, not to mention finally earning equal pay. I support you 100%.

But, there's something missing when we don't allow a man to be a man. Raise the bar, take things a step further by expecting certain qualities. Not just from your Mr.Right but men in general. We can slack up on a lot of things even disregard them all together but, some things should remain the same.  By the sound of it, chivalry is not dead and certainly not old fashioned.

What Do You Think? Is Chivalry Old Fashioned? 


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