Housekeeping, Sometimes You Just Gotta Do It

Oh my, you were probably expecting to get some more great LOVE advice posted here, right?
Sorry but, from time to time my team and I have to do some housekeeping...this is one of those times.

Out with the old, in with the new (hmmm, I sense a new post coming out of Well anyway, 

I apologize for any inconvenience. I don't want to spill the beans so I'll just say we are working behind the scenes like crazy to update everything... I'm sure you are going to really dig the new arrivals. 

So, be sure to check back often because we're adding daily just what you need to say "Hello" to your Mr. Right.

By the way, When it comes to love and getting it right, housekeeping is not such a bad idea. There you have it...that's a great piece of advice. 

Tons of Love,

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Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments

Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments
Anonymous said, regarding a popular blog post (Here's An Observation) I appreciate your insight Amanda. So powerful. Too many of us go through life this way - used to the way things are and have always been. Awareness can be the first step to making a positive change. The phrase "even though my fingers were curled in an uncomfortable position and the weight of the bag added to unnecessary stress" really spoke to me and reminded me of how we will endure (even to the point of pain or discomfort) for the sake of a relationship. It can be different. It can be better...if we just put down the bag!

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