Fun, Fab Things To Do On Valentines Day!

Time out for focusing on others and what you don't have. Today is the day to turn all that around with these fun, fab things to do on this, one of the best holidays of the year.

  1. First, you have to establish that this is your special L.O.V.E Day- 
 From now on start looking at this day as the day you give extra special attention to the most important person...YOU.  It's nice to give and as women we do a lot of that yet, we don't always give to ourselves. Make Valentines Day your day to do just that. 2. Be your own delivery person- Instead of waiting for the delivery guy at the office to ask for your name stop at the florist before work and buy a bouquet of roses for yourself. If not a then. It's always a sweet sentiment when you receive a single rose. Don't forget to ask for a vase or bring one from home so you can proudly display your  token of love on your desk.   Add an extra touch- write a sweet message and attach it. No worries if someone thinks you've lost one has to know you sent them to yourself unless you want them to. 3. Make dinner reservations at your favorite restaurant- for yourself or ask one or two of your girlfriends to join you for the meal. The fun in all this is to make sure you've planned ahead and the hostess calls your name and table for 2 (or whatever). Tip: keep your party small, no more than 3 of your bestest sista girls, dutch of course. 4. Head to the Theater-  You maynot be a big oprea fan but, now might be the time to broaden your horizons. Check out a cool musical play or one man show at a nearby theater. You may just enjoy yourself enough to go back again and again. I've starred in a few plays for the fun of it. 5. Invite the girls over- Find out what your other single sistas are doing and if the censes  is the same "nothing" invite them over for pizza and movies. Everyone can pitch in and make it a really fun night. Be sure to stay away from the depressing boy meets girl dramas...keep it light so there's lots of laughter. 6. Treat Yourself to something extra special-  This is your L.O.V.E Day why not treat yourself to a new something. Maybe those shoes you've been eyeing or that bottle of your favorite perfume. You choose the treat and make it something you won't regret and take back the next day. 

So, theres my list...tell me what you think? What would you  add? Or how did you celebrate your L.O.V.E. Day? Post your comments on my fan page, or leave em below. Past this post on to your friends and lets get a movement started for single women everywhere. From now on Valentines Day is your Special L.O.V.E Day... Enjoy yourself! Much Love 


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Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments

Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments
Anonymous said, regarding a popular blog post (Here's An Observation) I appreciate your insight Amanda. So powerful. Too many of us go through life this way - used to the way things are and have always been. Awareness can be the first step to making a positive change. The phrase "even though my fingers were curled in an uncomfortable position and the weight of the bag added to unnecessary stress" really spoke to me and reminded me of how we will endure (even to the point of pain or discomfort) for the sake of a relationship. It can be different. It can be better...if we just put down the bag!

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