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Here's Another Year, Are You Ready For It?

I know, can you believe it... another year is headed our way. Maybe it's just me but, doesn't it seem like the years are coming and going too fast? I mean we have already seen Christmas stuff on display by the close of Black Friday. Funny, my neighbors don't even bother taking down their decorations they just leave em up to conveniently flip the switch when it's time.

The end of the year is kind of bittersweet.

Yes, it's a great time to reflect on what took place in 2012, the good, the bad, and the ugly which I'm sure you have heard it said before. And although that's a very important piece of advice to adhere to, it's not what I want to focus on in this post. What I want to focus on and what is even more important (infact vital) is taking action. Like I said reflection is great and all but, what happens after you have done the whole reflection thing. You see, to me this is where it would be so very easy to go in a bunch of different directions that may case a problem.

Case in point- If all you do is reflect on this past year, a bunch of emotions have permission to rush in and potentially do more harm than good. Again, I'm not saying you shouldn't reflect, if you don't reflect you don't have a gauge for your future. Granted there are a lot of really great quotes I could use right now but in my own words..."You can't see where you are going if you don't recognize where you have been." If your thoughts are not well planned and you don't have an end as to what you want to do with your thoughts without knowing it,you can invite loneliness, and despair versus a happy, healthy outcome.

So let's reflect on love and relationships a subject that touches your heart in a major way. If you are going to reflect in this area you are going to need to do it in a way that does not come back and hit you in the face (or the heart). You have to do it strategically otherwise you might get stuck in a particular area of  thought which prevents you from your purpose of reflecting in the first place. Let's face it...when it comes to love we are emotional beings.

Here is an exercise that has helped me, I'm sure it will help you too. I'll share with you 2 ways to strategically organize your "love" thoughts for a successful outcome.

1. Reflect with a purpose- Don't just take a leisure walk down memory lane... remember to stay  focused. You're on a mission. #2 explains your goal 

2. Take Action- Take a piece of paper, fold it so that you end up with four squares. Use one square to list your past relationships (names, dates, etc. if you want) Use another square to list what you didn't like about that relationship, (how it made you feel etc.) In the third square list positive things you encountered (events together, character traits, etc. Then use the last square to take action- Using the previous list make this last list the areas you want to improve on moving forward. 

Don't worry about pulling up the past, sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do to make a better future for yourself, specifically when it comes to making a soul connection.

Now, off you go

Tell me how this exercise works for you. What "ah ha" moments did you experience?

Remember... if you need any help with these exercises I'm here for you...let's talk about making 2013 your best year ever for true love success.

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  1. Hey guys, it's me...Amanda
    My apologizes, I made a mistake with the year in this post. Guess I was really looking ahead anyway,I'll fix it on my end. Thanks for understanding. Much love


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Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments

Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments
Anonymous said, regarding a popular blog post (Here's An Observation) I appreciate your insight Amanda. So powerful. Too many of us go through life this way - used to the way things are and have always been. Awareness can be the first step to making a positive change. The phrase "even though my fingers were curled in an uncomfortable position and the weight of the bag added to unnecessary stress" really spoke to me and reminded me of how we will endure (even to the point of pain or discomfort) for the sake of a relationship. It can be different. It can be better...if we just put down the bag!

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