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This is a special day to acknowledge mothers everywhere.

However, I want to give an "extra special" acknowledgement to single mothers.
In my eyes, single mothers are some of the most AWESOME women on the face of the earth, their personal accomplishments and daily responsibilities should get more recognition. Perhaps a T.V. program that relates to being a single mom after all, there is a television show on every body's life these days
(uhmmmmmm that's an idea).

Single women have been filling the role of chief cook and bottle washer for years not to mention:
counselor, doctor, lawyer, trusted advisor, driver, mediator, referee, provider, care giver, and a whole list of others titles that we could go on and on about. And to add to everything else you have the responsibility of keeping yourself together mentally, spiritually and physically.
Actually,if any one of these three areas is lacking in your life you are "giving" on empty.

I want to encourage single mothers to remember to take time out for yourselves. Whether you realize it or choose to acknowledge it, your children should not be your total focus. Yes, they are your responsibility and yes you love them dearly yet, with all the giving you are doing and have done please don't forget to give to yourself. One day your wonderful, cute little darlings will be leaving the nest and striking out on their own.
As single women we often immerse ourselves into other areas of our lives(our jobs, groups, activities as well as, family)and forget that we have to give conscious attention to "matters of the heart". Hopefully, within the journey of attending to the needs of your children you will not lose yourself and the incredible women you are. Hopefully, you will remember that YOUR NEEDS have to be met also.

In the celebration of being a mother let this day also be a constant reminder to continue to do what you need to do to position yourself to attract your Mr. Right and the love YOU DESERVE.

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Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments

Love-Changing Success Stories & Ah- Ha Moments
Anonymous said, regarding a popular blog post (Here's An Observation) I appreciate your insight Amanda. So powerful. Too many of us go through life this way - used to the way things are and have always been. Awareness can be the first step to making a positive change. The phrase "even though my fingers were curled in an uncomfortable position and the weight of the bag added to unnecessary stress" really spoke to me and reminded me of how we will endure (even to the point of pain or discomfort) for the sake of a relationship. It can be different. It can be better...if we just put down the bag!

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