October 14, 2016

How to Get On the Fast-track for Your True Love

Relationships come and relationships go but what happens when you are truly ready for a committed relationship and frustration sets in because he's nowhere in sight. Not only is this dis-heartening but discouraging as well. There's only one way to turn your love-life around right now for a lasting relationship. Build a strong and attractive core foundation that positions you for your soulmate to find you with ease. Here's one of my personal favorite mentors with powerful life and love nuggets for a well rounded more "irresistible you". Watch and be transformed! Be sure to leave your comments. What are your "take-aways"?

May 06, 2016

How to Be The Sexiest, Most Captivating Woman He Has Ever Met

Did I tell you about the time I went skydiving?
It was one of the craziest things I've ever done. However, I have to say it is not the only adventurous thing I've experienced in my lifetime. So far,I've been out in the wilderness on weekend trips, climbed mountains on hikes, visited 3 other countries,watched beautiful beach sun-sets and sun rises. WOW...when I stop and really think about it I've had some pretty cool opportunities in life to explore the world around me.

That's what I want to talk to you about...

April 27, 2016

Live & Love Healthy!-Does Eating Earlier in the Day Help with Weight Loss? | Herbalife Health...

Magnetically attracting your ideal man and experiencing the love you deserve takes more than just a pretty face, awesome shade of lipstick or an "Oh my, I have to follow you get your number" mesmerizing fragrance. Feeling good inside as well as looking good on the outside is one of my key components for your Soulmate Success. Be sure to check in on our Live & Love Healthy page for my fav's and more tips and insider secrets to fulfill your healthy lifestyle goals. We all have something we can improve... starting now.       -Tons of Love-

April 15, 2016

What's the Difference Between Your Soulmate And Just Being In Another Relationship?

 If you are ready to fast-forward your love life to start experiencing the love you want...I'm your biggest cheerleader, Let's Talk

March 22, 2016

Dating? Beware of the Flirting Man with The "Ringless" Finger!- 3 Quick and Easy Tell-Tell Signs He's Married

Remember the days when it was easy to tell if a man was married or in a committed relationship, even if he was not wearing a ring? hint..the tanned line on his finger...remember? Sadly that's not the tell-tell sign anymore.Today there is a trend that can possibly throw you off your "A' game. And if you think it couldn't happen to you, think again love...you may find yourself fallen prey. I recently came up close and personal with this very thing and I gotta tell you I thought I had seen it all. Apparently not, which is why I had to warn you.    Read On

November 09, 2015

How To Avoid The #1 Turn-Off For Your Ideal Man - Relationship Baggage

You may have heard me say it before but, it is worth it's weight in gold to hear it as many times as you need to, for a reality check. No one wants to be the recipient of emotional trauma carried over from a previous relationship.
I don't care how you put it, baggage is baggage. It does not matter...a little baggage or a lot, it is all the same.
Just to be clear about what Relationship Baggage means I will address it this way...